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Saige Square Building


Shenzhen shennan middle road


Office Building

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Fire Engineering


Saiger plaza is located in the heart of the super shenzhen huaqiang north commercial circle, is a high-tech electronic information industry and the product of form a complete set give priority to, set office, trade, exhibition, finance, securities, the clubhouse for a modern, multi-functional, intelligent building, not only is the third tall buildings in shenzhen is also the world's tallest building, concrete filled steel tube structure is one of the world's tallest building 30, the main body shape was octagonal, very with modern characteristics.Its huaqiang north is currently one of the most prosperous commercial street in shenzhen, the average daily traffic of more than 50, ten thousand people, in addition to all kinds of comprehensive business sell over-the-counter, huaqiang north of IT industrial cluster degree is very high, known as the "electronic street", in shenzhen huaqiang north street alone can give every year the city government pay more than $400 in taxes.