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China Phoenix Building


Shenzhen futian shennan avenue


Complex Building

Build Area:


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Fire Engineering


China by the international information authority phoenix phoenix building honor, phoenix satellite TV will base in shenzhen in the effort to build the "Asian as well as an information centre.Synchronizing with the world, comprehensive control business discourse and global influence. China phoenix plaza from phoenix satellite TV, and enterprising spirit, gathers the world energy information, carrier global commerce.Building main body for high-grade commercial office, otherwise the phoenix executive mansion, phoenix, phoenix, phoenix international block in1999, city sharing atrium component, such as to provide a complete and efficient international business platform for the enterprise. Rare plate in phoenix tower is central China office, by internationally renowned architects - Canada UDS pour design international architectural firm.Share open the modern fashion design idea, overall glass curtain wall, high efficiency and energy saving type of wide plate office, the original compound office space, from planning to construction details, all reflect strong humanistic care and emotional sustenance. Phoenix China building open information age.