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Guangdong JINLEE Construction Co., Ltd. officially inaugurated

2015-04-27 10:00

At 10:30 on April 23, 2015, Guangdong JINLEE Construction Engineering Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Kam Lee Company) held the opening ceremony at the 30th floor, Block C NEO building. Attend the opening ceremony of VIP are: chairman Greenview Group Huangkang Jing, chairman of consultants flood deposit Wei, vice president Ren Hongbing, Tie Ke Jun, vice president of the body, President Office, Deputy General Manager Xu Linwen investment.

10:30 by huang kangjing chairman, general manager of asset management center Tiesheng, Wang Jinglong company general manager Jin Lee, deputy general manager of the company in Europe Kam Lee Wai-kuen on the "Kam Lee's" formal inauguration - Jin Lee's new page officially kicked off. After the opening ceremony, President Chen hosted the forum.

At the meeting, Wang Jin Lee on behalf of the company warmly welcome all the guests attending, showing Lee Jin to fight the "elite team, excellent project," the industry benchmark brands. Group leader Lee Jin Ke total of the company's unveiling congratulated emphasis on supporting pioneering spirit, Jinli company to strictly to good quality, complete business intelligence upgrade, improve the Group's industrial chain, to provide assistance role Forsafe company capital. Huang, chairman of the meeting also made important instructions, Jinli company to become a play, has the responsibility of the company, in addition to the Group's own business, but also to establish their own brand and image in the community, in the community to create a benefit. Wang and Xie sum total led the team given the high expectations, looking at the company to performance, service well, the more views to Forsafe company, Forsafe company's capital needs Bros. communication and coordination. Finally, President Chen made a summary of the forum: Jin Lee's tomorrow will be better.

After the meeting, Wang, accompanied by honored guests, toured the "mangroves in Washington," the construction site.

April 27, 2015